Urban Decay Troublemaker Event!

"Makeup is about self expression, it is not about covering your flaws, but showing the world who you are"- Wende Zomnir

Urban Decay (UD) holds a special place in my heart, reserved only for the sheer joy of a fresh Naked palette!

So, when I got the bat signal that there was a new product on the horizon I was not long planning my journey direct to UD.

In case you have been living under a rock, let me fill you in, UD opened a flagship store on Grafton Street earlier this year which was a welcome addition to the beauty community. I had heard the tales of its beauty, but had not yet had the opportunity to put my weak self within their four walls of ultimate temptation.

However, with the release of their new mascara aptly named Troublemaker I was intrigued. Troublemaker boasted double walled prismatic packaging alongside longevity claims never made by a mainstream brand before. Dun dun dun, it claimed to be ‘Sex Proof’, now whether that is true, or a clever marketing ploy you decide. Although, I cannot see anyone besides Jeffree Star reviewing it under this context. Nevertheless I was excited at the prospect of a new UD, so I headed up to the store with zero hesitation.

Arriving to the UD store I was incredibly awkward, I have had a dry spell around beauty events so I knew I was not going to bump into people I had known from the community 2 years ago when I was part of the ‘beauty blogging’ community.

Entering lipstick nirvana took away any earlier discomfort, as the 100 vice lipstick display beckoned me to forego my bills and indulge myself. However, my weak self shook hands with my broke self, and my bills were paid but I went home with zero lipsticks in my arsenal. First world problems.

Upstairs in the UD store there is a hidden room to glorious to fathom, it was decorated in full UD fashion, magical. As the cool kids would say, I was shook. (Now, excuse me while I take my uncool self to go wash my mouth out with soap).

The amazing Danielle Roberts was heading the event on this given day, I had been to a demo by Danielle a couple of years ago and she truly is the queen of flawless skin. Danielle did not disappoint, her Troublemaker focused look was as expected, flawless.

After seeing Troublemaker in action I was sold, with a double pigment that is darker than you could ever imagine it is perfect for the smoky eye season ahead of us. Not to mention this is going to make for the ultimate stocking filler this Christmas, yes I said it, Christmas!
Troublemaker in launching tomorrow September 27th in the Urban Decay store on Grafton Street, and you can get in September 28th from Debenhams in store and online. It is rolling in at €23 which is standard pricing for Urban Decay, and I have learned over the years it is better to buy one good product rather than 3 low end products that leave you wanting more. Invest once every 3-6 months, and after that time dump and replace, cleanliness is next to godliness after all! 

Have you tried Troublemaker yet? Let me know below. 

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