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"There is a reason why all things are as they are" - Bram Stroker, Dracula.

As an adult finding an evening’s entertainment that does not involve food and/or alcohol can be a difficult feat! I find myself often relying on the cinema to provide me with a top notch weekly outing, but if you want to spend time with friends you cannot even have a chat in the cinema... so off to the pub you go. Again, we meet alcohol, won’t somebody think of the socially deprived adults? Can you taste my sarcasm yet? So, when a friend of mine mentioned Castle Dracula I was intrigued but honestly unsure if I was willing to travel to Dublin for an event bearing in mind I was not entirely sure of what the evening would hold (Besides Dracula of course!).

Demon and A Judge Less Life
I crumbled and decided to tag along, feeling I was going to hate every minute of it. I am an incredibly difficult person to please. Hey, at least I am honest about how much of an absolute nightmare I am!
I will not lie finding the location was not the easiest thing, there is a lack of signage BUT just plug the location into your Google Maps and you will be the finest. Blessed are we millennials with our excessive data plans.

A Judge Less Life and Character
I want to be informative but not spoil any of the goodness that Castle Dracula has to offer so if I am elusive at times, know I am hiding the goodies.

Second half performance.
Once you arrive you are met by a modern health club, which may be a shock to some people so here let me take the shock away. It is a health club. The ‘Castle’ is a set, but a fantastic one so do not prejudge the show before you even step inside. Remember if you enter with a sour tongue, what could be an amazing night will be flavored by your unfounded initial bad feelings.
We were greeted by a man and asked to fill out a list of things that we believed vampires could do that we could not. You then wait to be escorted to the ‘Castle’, once you enter the castle the health club is soon a distant memory.

Once you have all been loaded into the darkness the show quickly begins. Reinfield was an absolute howl, disturbingly hilarious. Words I never seen myself putting in the same sentence, but wallah Reinfield. Story-time with Reinfield turns into a walk through the ‘Castle’ where your already heightened fear levels are put to the test. I may have shouted obscene profanities in my fear at the actors once, or twice (More.).

A Judge Less Life joining in on the magical evening.
You carry on to meet other characters such as Dracula's first victim Lucy. Lucy is extra, flirty, loud and just at the acceptable level of annoying. But if all the characters were copies of Reinfield we would have something else to give out about so I was glad to see the sensual aspect of horror, and vampires, represented. In hindsight, maybe her microphone was just turned up a bit too loud but either way she was an entertaining addition to the unnamed terror striking figures floating around.

Human lie detector.
Once you work through this section of the show you enter a new section of the ‘Castle’ which is a graveyard like location with a bar hiding around a corner, because God damn it you are an adult and you simply cannot avoid alcohol. There is an interval shortly after arriving in the graveyard where you can gander around and take pictures with the characters. On that note, no pictures are allowed in the first half of the show so just be quiet and enjoy it. Millennials and their cameras (Please have an amuse bouche on the house, we call it sarcasm).

Ms Lynne Zombie, Demon and Mr Berry.
Once the interval is over you take your seats in front of an audience level stage, where a magical performance is used to interact with the audience and provide us with the illusion we are before a real vampire. So, I feel the need to address some TripAdvisor reviewers in this moment, being a reader I noted many felt the magic show was unnecessary and a way to drag out time. I struggle with calling it a magic show, it was more of a performance. If you view it as a cheap magic show that is disassociated from the main theme, that being Dracula, of course you won’t enjoy it. Again, letting that sour taste appear. You are going to a show, submerge yourself in the magic of escaping the world for 2 hours and stop over analyzing what is just entertainment. Let it entertain you.

I thoroughly enjoyed the show in the second half, and the evening in its entirety. I genuinely felt it was a great way to get out with friends for an evening’s entertainment that is no more expensive than a few drinks in your local. Jesus alcohol will you stop appearing in this blog? Give Castle Dracula its moment! At €25 per person for a two hour show it can feel expensive as a couple, but again breaking down the cost against a normal night out it is no more expensive. Remember you are also supporting an Irish business, something that is very important in this age of online entertainment.

So, put Castle Dracula on your list of things to do this Summer in Ireland, I promise you will not be disappointed! Click here for more details on the fantastic Castle Dracula.

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