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"The joy of dressing is an art" - John Galliano

If you have been around A Judge Less Life for a minute you will know that the Athlone Town Centre (ATC) is one of my favourite places to visit, and of course spend a few bob! Not only am I a fan of the centre, but of their marketing team. Not often do you come across a centre which such an engaged and relevant group of marketer’s.

The centre is incredibly full at the moment, with the arrival of The Works, Inglot, Vila and Selected Homme in the past few months. It now has an almost disillusioning number of stores to choose from, but none of you fashion addicts are going to complain.  However, it is always nice to see what is hiding inside the well-dressed windows of the hallmark stores, and the team at Athlone Town Centre always answer this call with regular fashion shows. Yesterday’s event was somewhat different with a mix of fashion shows and beauty demonstrations, which for someone like me with the attention span of a goldfish was a welcome change to the usual fashion heavy agenda.

The host on the day was Lisa McGowan from Lisa’s Lust List, if you have not heard of Lisa what rock have you been hiding under? Currently the Irish queen of virality in the fashion world, and she has a gigantic following on Facebook and every other social media platform she has extended herself onto. An obvious choice to host a fashion led event, and I was pleasantly surprised. I normally come away from events sighing about the overpaid and disengaged celebrity hosts that seem to barely make time to take picture with the punters that turned out to see them. However, Lisa was confident, engaging and friendly towards all who approached her. So round of applause for Lisa, and for the ATC for being genius enough to nab her.

McGorisks Multi Masking with Vichy!
I only managed to stay for two fashion shows, and two beauty demos before I went off for a quick nosey in the shops, and of course I was completely consumed. So, although I was sad to miss the last few shows, and my wallet was of course angry too, I was delighted to get a bit of shopping into the day. Remember my attention span of a goldfish? Well that has translated to my unfortunate lack of memory on where each outfit came from specifically, but all featured is available from the Athlone Town Centre! Have a gander at some of the looks I managed to capture and if you have any questions comment below and I will direct you to the store it is from.

Inglot Summer Skin Demonstration!
Ultimately what I am saying is get yourself to the Athlone Town Centre for a fantastic day shopping, and of course do not forget to follow Lisa from Lisa’s Lust List for all things fashion.

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