Reveal Makeup Studios ft. Holos Skincare

"It is a beautiful thing when a career and a passion come together!" - Unknown

Despite my recent absence for this lil ol’ blog I was still relatively active on the events scene, and for once an opportunity in my locality arose! Reveal Makeup Studios were opening their arms to Holos Skincare, and we were all welcome inside the well manned doors of Reveal to celebrate their arrival.

Reveal Makeup Studios is led by business woman Catriona McMorris, a successful establishment with a fabulous in house team that is comprised of Emer Dunphy, Cara Dowling & Amy Rogers. The homely space caters for all your beauty needs from Make Up to Hair Care, as well as providing in house courses and conducting creative/corporate photo-shoots. The studio truly shines through as something special. What outwardly shone for me in Reveal was their active presence on social media and their website, I understand the passion and love one must have for their business to inject so much time into it online.

A Beautiful Evening at Reveal
It is on this note I began to believe that Holos and Reveal would be the ultimate dream team, although Reveal is a provider and user of the Holos products both business women behind the brands makes it a special combination. Holos is an aroma-therapeutic bespoke skincare range that I have spoken about on the blog before, so if you would like a more in-depth review of Holos click here.

Holos Blossoms Facial Polish
Niamh Hogan stands proudly behind Holos, a business woman whom is also renowned for her presence online and ability to drive sales through effective social media use. When you team Reveal and Holos, you find a combination that is beyond buying your products off a regular shelf. In Reveal you will be gently wrapped in a wealth of knowledge about the brand that Niamh herself would provide to every customer if she could be in one hundred places at once.

Holos Skincare Range at Reveal Makeup Studios
So on the launch night my preconceived ideologies came to light as all of Reveal ladies were just as excited about the Holos range as anyone else in the room, and when the professionals second a product you feel validated in your opinion of the range. A normal human reaction, and as someone who has trailed the products I understood their enthusiasm.  Niamh and her Sister Stephanie were in house to provide a talk on the products, answer questions and provide hand massages. It was an incredibly effective way to introduce a new line to a community, and a community of loyal customers is what Reveal and Holos both possesses.

It goes without saying the launch appeared to be a great success, and for more information on Holos click here or for more information on Reveal Makeup Studios click here.
From Left to Right: Amy  Rogers, Niamh Hogan, Catriona McMorris, Cara  Dowling and Emer Dunphy
Overall I imagine that Reveal and Holos will reap continued success individually and as a collaborative force, be sure to click here for more details on the “Holos Loves You” Bespoke Facial being offered at Reveal Makeup Studios. 

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