Armani Prima ft. Smart Moisture Serum

"I love things that age well, things that don't date, that stand the test of time and that become living examples of the absolute best" - Giorgio Armani

Armani Prima Skincare

The struggle to find a skincare range that helps prepare our base for the daily makeup we inflict upon it is one struggle felt by all beauty lovers. Whether you are going to work, an event or to college no one wants to haul a selection of products around with them for hourly touch ups. Armani are about to swoon onto the skincare scene with a new range targeted primarily to the maintenance of a day long Make Up glow, and my heart is full of excitement. Not only will the range aim to up your makeup game it will also enhance your skin quality.

This line was formulated in collaboration with International Make Up Artist, Linda Cantello, and the Giorgio Armani Beauty Laboratories. The products developed are packing active ingredients that truly balances sebum/oil production whilst maintaining the skins moisture, and as a oily skinned lady I know how important this combination is when planning by skincare routine. 

If you suffer with oily skin you may find yourself avoiding any products that boast moisture, but this is the wrong approach as being oily does not equal being hydrated. This was something I struggled with for many years by confusing oil for hydration, the key is to find products, that like the new Armani Prima products, balance sebum and moisturize simultaneously. 

So in preparation for the Giorgio Armani Prima range launching in Brown Thomas on the 28th of September I am going to give you the ultimate shopping list for flawlessness. There are 5 products I will list below in sequence of application that you can discuss with the Armani goddesses in BT after their launch. I am going to follow through with a full review of the Prima Smart Moisture Serum below, but if you have any questions on the other products you can click here to tweet me for more information before the release date.

1. Glow-On Moisturising Balm 50ml €85.00
2. Day Long Skin Perfector 30ml €75.00
3. Eye and Lip Contour Perfector 15ml €55.00
4. Prima Smart Mositure Serum 30ml €80.00
5. Prima Make-Up Fix 150ml €45.00

Armani Prima Smart Moisture Serum

Armani Prima Smart Moisture Serum Bottle
Be still my beating heart, the Armani Prima Smart Moisture Serum is everything it says on the tin and more! As discussed earlier the Prima range not only aims to improve skin quality but enhance your make up longevity, and the serum is the first stop on the train to glory. 

The serum is laden with Hyaluronic Acid and Crimson Seaweed, so it contains the essential ingredients for a moisture injection with a no oily aftermath. One of my top products is from an indie brand that is straight Hyaluronic Acid serum so my expectations for this product were strong, and you know Armani never lets us down so this serum is coming through as my new number one. 

Armani Prima Smart Moisture Serum Dropper
The beautifully sleek packaging lays wake to what lies within, a clean cut classic Armani Beauty style cylinder dropper bottle. This small non invasive bottle contains a beautiful pearl toned serum that envelopes you in a gentle floral scent. This serum like gold is something that should be handled gently, 3 drops spreads from the forehead down to the neck easily using circular motions.

Serums often lay heavy on the skin but this serum is rapidly absorbed and will leave your face feeling supple and smooth, it is an experience to be had so ask for sample in store because it has to be seen to be believed.

Armani Prima Smart Moisture Serum
With Armani you pay for a truly superior product, and the Smart Moisture Serum solidifies that fact by providing a trio of chrono-active moisturizing agents. This really is a product that keeps on giving. After you feel the immediate smoothing and priming effects, you will still be feeling radiant and moisturized after 24 hours due to the Hyaluronic Acid, and furthermore the Crimson Seaweed helps maintain skin hydration beyond the first 24 hours. Now if that does not excite your beauty loving heart I do not know what will!

Armani Prima Smart Moisture Serum Swatch
I am very excited about this range and the older I get the more important I see skincare is, without a good base you can not have the most flawless Make Up result. 

As a student that is just finishing my degree and about to start a job hunt I understand that this range may not suit every pocket, but if you can not afford all the steps save up for a couple of weeks and get the serum because it is going to last you a long time and may prove more beneficial than buying a copious amount of cheaper products that may not provide you with any results. 

Write September 28th into your diary and be sure to hit Brown Thomas to get your hands on this glorious range that you will soon see become a cult classic.

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