Yves Saint Laurent, Mon Paris!

"Perfume is like a piece of clothing, a message, a way of presenting oneself a costume that differs according to the woman who wear it" - Paloma Picasso
Perfume is an incredibly understated addition to ones beauty arsenal, the memories and feelings attached to a scent can shine brighter than any highlighter!
Whilst I sit here in a haze of Mon Paris I think fondly upon my younger days spent envying my Grandmothers perfume, albeit I never knew the brand or the composition of said perfume, but I knew it to be her scent. Wonderment befell me and I pondered what I would 'smell like when I grew up', and it is safe to say my teenage years spent in a bitterly sweet body spray phase was not the ideal route to the elegance I craved. 

Mon Paris Packaging
As I moved from body sprays to perfumes I found that the overwhelming intensity of some of the most popular perfumes on the market began played havoc with my sinus issues, and ultimately even attending school resulted in headaches purely from the array of poorly made scents that people dipped themselves in every morning. My poor Sister experienced my distaste for perfumes first hand after I passed her on a perfume she had originally gifted me that I simply could not use. 

Doors to Heaven
So when I delved into the new Yves Saint Laurent Mon Paris I was initially captivated by its inspiration, a modern love story that seeks to encapsulate the city of passion this is Paris. I was sold on the concept, on my journey to elegance I sought out a perfume youthful enough to mirror my energy but one that also contained a mature musky heart.  

Mon Paris Bottle
So you can imagine my excitement when I discovered that Mon Paris was essentially my dream perfume from the outside, but of course the real test would be in its action! As with all YSL products its luxurious nature is to be felt in an non obnoxious manner, so its clean packaging was simply perfect. The perfume itself is coddled in a prismatic pink hued glass bottle, a non invasive expression of class that is complimented by the decorative collar and bow finished with a golden cherry on top manifesting as a minuscule gold bar with risen YSL branding. 

Mon Paris Bottle Decoration
Breaking free from its case the patchouli based musk is beautifully lifted by a primarily white flower heart, and finished with sweet fruity top notes. As unbearably beautiful as this scent is, trust me when I say one spray is more than enough. People should experience perfume not suffocate in a shroud of stench! I found the longevity of this scent to be very good, depending on activities I got up to 5 hours of decent payoff were normally perfume wears off me in 3 hours approx. The perfume remains true to its composition with a sweet red fruit and pear bite, followed by the deep evolution of a hearty musk and patchouli extension. 

Real perfumes sit differently on each persons skin, so when I am deciding if I love a perfume I will spray it on anyone within ten feet of me and check back in with them to seek their opinion on the scent development and longevity. I can can report that my Sister, whom was my Guinea Pig, was in total agreeance with my positive opinion on Mon Paris

Yves Saint Laurent Mon Paris
 This is truly an experience not to be missed, be sure to give this new scent a whirl the next time you are out shopping. Otherwise you can buy it online now at Debenhams, prices starting at €60. 

Mon Paris gets my seal of approval.

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