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"You must never underestimate the power of the eyebrow" - Jack Black

The much sought after perfect eyebrows are not always as simple to achieve as many bloggers and vloggers would have you imagine! Learning to create the perfect brow is an individual experience, as we all have different facial structures and varying degrees of make up expertise. For many years I over plucked my brows and simply had no sense of how to shape them using makeup, and when I began to grow them out I found myself over filling them resulting in a less than desirable result.

BPerfect Semi Permanent Eyebrow Kit in Irid Brown
Double Ended Brush Included
Now that I have a set of hairy eye umbrellas I still need to fill in empty patches where the hairs appear thinner, which is something I have struggled to find the right product for over the years. Liquid formulations always slide away as I suffer with oily skin, and this was also the case with eyebrow pencils. So in desperation I turned to plain ole' matte brown eye shadow, as you can imagine this would not stay on very long either but it was the only thing that was build able enough for me to be able to control the gradient on my brows. This also led me into a dilemma, now that I had found the solution for my brows people wanted my advice on their brows. However, no matter how much advice I could give I could not help them with the application or the shaping of their brows.

So when I came across the BPerfect Semi Permanent Brow Kit I was more than excited, with a price tag of €35 (Approx.) I wanted to me sure this was going to be worth the dosh! The kit comes with a powder, a double ended brush and 3 eyebrow stencils, so realistically you are getting everything you need for one fair price tag. 

Strong Pigment in Irid Brown
The powder is available in 4 colors, so their is something for everyone, and for me I gave Irid Brown a whirl. I constantly endeavor to maintain a natural eyebrow appearance, which can be difficult when you are trying to color in brows that are already large and in charge. Thankfully the BPerfect powder was perfect for the job, I was able to achieve a groomed look that was light and picture ready. When it comes to the stencils my brows were simply too large naturally to fall inline with the cut outs, but I can vouch for their effectiveness as I recruited some volunteers to let me use them on their brows. They are incredibly useful if you, like me, have begun your eyebrow journey unsure of how to get an even result on both eyes. If you are going to use the stencil simply use the fluffy end of the double sided brush included to apply the product. If you are more skilled simply use the slanted end to apply the product manually to suit your natural shape. 

3 Eyebrow Stencils Included; Thin, Natural and Thick
So why is this product noted as being semi permanent? A question I had myself when I first viewed the product, and a scary descriptive term to use for a makeup product. Fear not, the product is simply described as semi permanent because of its glorious staying power! Again if you like me have struggled with the loss of brow product due to oily skin or sweating in the gym this little pot is going to be a life saver in your makeup arsenal. When you use BPerfects Brow Kit you will be sweat, water and oil proof for up to 24 hours, and then when you are ready you simply remove it with your normal makeup wipe/makeup remover.

Blended Swatch of Irid Brown

I wholeheartedly recommend this product to the eyebrow novice and the eyebrow expert alike! This product will last you a significantly longer time than a brow pencil or brow gel so it is a good investment. Click here to get more information on the product.

A Judge Less Life wearing Irid Brown
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