The Blog Awards Ireland!

"Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it!" - William Arthur Ward

The Blog Awards Ireland
Better late than never should be my middle name, however I do hope this is better late than never! As you all may know by now I am a final year college student so in the name of priorities, assignments and long days commuting have stolen my time. This has not dulled my love for blogging nor does it mean I love blogging less than I did before this year took a hold of me, it has actually re focused my love for this hobby that has been a true labour of love. Someone asked me recently how the beauty section was a labour of love for it is just beauty reviews and quite frankly not that important (In their opinion) Well it got me thinking, for me I do not look as one blog to be more superior than the other just because it is on a different topic, the time and effort that goes into every word and picture I share on A Judge Less Life takes the same amount of passion. I know anyone who writes, journals or blogs will know that without passion our words would fall flat and there would be no space for us in this wide world of words. This love and passion that I always hoped from day one was woven into my blogs came to fruition in recent times.

Myself and Oh My Blog!
I was honoured to be a finalist in the Blog Awards Ireland under the Best Youth Blog category. The support and love I received was outstanding, I remember when I first opened A Judge Less Life I thought about closing it and pretending it never happened for fear of being laughed at and for fear of not being good enough. I then put on my big girl pants and decided that if what is for me will not pass me I at least have to take the steps to allow myself to grow into the things I wish to become. Not a conversation about blogging goes by when I get asked how? How did you do it? And my answer is always the same, “How did I do what?” People believe there is a secret formula to getting readers, followers or to simply being recognised. For me this was never the aim nor is there a secret formula, I am not your typical blogger, I am not gorgeous, skinny or particularly talented. But I knew I was motivated, ambitious and I was hungry to capture not only my love of writing but my love of social media, marketing and business.

If you have gotten this far I commend you, I feel as though I am writing my own Ulysses right now. But beyond the small amount of self-reflection I wanted to take this time to truly thank all of you who click on A Judge Less Life, engage with me on my social media outlets and/or have simply been there to say well done. In less than a year I have had the opportunities to meet amazing people, to work with amazing brands/businesses and to grow as a person, all because of A Judge Less Life. So reaching the final stages of the Blog Awards motivated me to push on and keep writing to the World Wide Web and hope that out there somewhere someone enjoys these little blurbs.

Darling Buds of Mei and Lipstick and Loubitons
Onto the fun stuff, that being the Blog Awards Ireland themselves. Before I go on I want to let you know A Judge Less Life did not place on the night and I was totally ok with that, I was truly satisfied with the experience and all I can do is carry on and hope that this time next year there is still enough love for this blog that we might even get to attend the awards again.
The fabulous Simply Foxy ladies
I was blessed to be able to attend the awards with the beautiful crew from Simply Foxy. Simply Foxy is an online Irish hub of all the best brands from NYX to Sleek, they are not only an amazing business but they are all amazing workers too! I arrived alone, terrified of not having the courage to put myself out there to talk to people on the night, but I knew I could not miss out on the night. I was dressed head to toe from the Boohoo Curvy range. I was not in full 1920’s gear but I instead tried to embody the classy and sleek look that the ladies of that time personified.

A Judge Less Life
We were all given a wristband with removable tokens for free food and drinks, which was such a treat! After meeting the Simply Foxy ladies and grabbing my first tipple I tip toed down to the seating area where I got to wag tails with other bloggers some familiar and some new to me. On stage a rather creepy looking clown-esque DJ was bopping away, while around the stage and at every entrance you could find ladies dressed in 1920’s gear organising and greeting guests.

Tracey Carney of The Ashville Media Group
The evening was launched by Tracey Carney the events director of the Ashville Media Group, of whom were behind the awards this year after taking it over. Following on from the lovely Tracey was the incredible Clisare. Clisare is an online queen and no sooner had she obtained the mic than she was cracking jokes, an absolute delight on the stage. Alongside Claire was Darragh Doyle who is an online king, with more Twitter followers than I care to imagine and with a career in the digital realm he was an ideal host. His efficient use of Memes and Gifs had me in the floods of jolly tears and I spent the night cursing him for my ruined makeup. I thoroughly enjoyed the hosting skills exhibited on the night and I was kept entertained throughout.
Darragh  Doyle
The entertainment continued with the 1920’s themed and a host of burlesque performers took their turns on the stage. A new art/entertainment form to me I was a tad taken a back at first but as the performances progressed I really enjoyed and began to appreciate the talent all these ladies showcased. Santina Spitfire performed for us twice, her confidence alone was endearing! Foxy P.Cox performed an arieal act, I was totally amazed by her strength to perform the way she did, upper arm strength for days. Again a beautiful and talented performer. I unfortunately missed the performances by Shir Madness whilst out seeking food but all reports said she was amazing. It was an amazing trio of performers to say the least. After the awards ended there was a musical performance from Saint John the Gambler but I was too tired to hang on any longer so sadly missed their performance.

Santina Spitfire
Foxy P.Cox

Glenisk Goodies
Food was provided by Ethos, Kinara Kitchen and Home Fries, the food area was in the outside section of the Tivoli theatre and by the time I managed to get out there I was ravenous. I popped over to Home Fries after seeing Darragh Doyle giving a recommendation about them on Twitter, their servings were plentiful and tasted amazing. Not once did I hear a single complaint about any of the food providers all night, a miracle considering we were surrounded by bloggers. An amazing collective of street food you must check them all out. One of the main sponsors of the night, Glenisk, had representatives on the move throughout the night with trays of the cutest and sweetest miniature Glenisk desserts. Can you tell we were spoiled with food on the night? Normally after leaving an event you will see hordes of people flocking to buy food, but not on this night. Drinks were flowing from Bulmer’s with bottles from their new Forbidden Fruits range available, which were delicious I must add. The Corkscrew Wine Merchants were the purveyors of prosecco and it was a rare sight to see anyone without a glass of the bubbly stuff in their hand. 
Home Fries
Kinvara Kitchen
So with all bases now covered on the night I want to finish by congratulating all the winners, what was most impressive was how supportive everyone was of each other and there was nothing but smiling faces whether they won or not. Here is to hoping next year is just as amazing and A Judge Less Life is on the guest list, again!

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