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I tried to visit as many stalls as possible, but I am full sure I missed a couple so I apologise to anyone not featured here, definitely next time. This article is primarily a picture show of the day for inspiration, you will find the name and link back to each brand behind the pictures under each cluster that belongs to them. Enjoy!

One Fab Day out done themselves their year by putting on two fab days (Yes, the pun was very much intended!) in The Glitter Studio over the 17th and 18th of October out on the Docklands with the CHQ building hosting them.

Entering the building was as though walking into my ‘Wedding’ Pinterest board, in real life! Perfection incarnate, it was a simply stunning event from start to finish. All the businesses flowed well together and they maintained a clean and crisp exterior throughout all the stands.
Upon arrival, and post check in, you were given a lanyard so you could leave the CHQ building and return through the security men at your convenience.  A Bubble Bar token was also provided so you could rock around the building with a glass of bubbly, if that was your desire. I however had all hands on my camera so I could capture as much inspiration to share with all you wedding planners and simple wedding enthusiasts as I possibly could, so I had to forego the bubbly. Unfortunately I was tight for time so I did not get to attend any workshops or talks, but if you plan on attending this event in the future I would highly recommend getting involved in as many aspects of the day to make the most of your ticket. It looked fabulous from the outside so I was very jealous of those with time and VIP tickets. A nice touch took its form in the ever presence of models sweeping around the event in beautiful gowns, they attracted gaggles of brides lusting after them and stole the eyes of everyone throughout the day.

On that note, I must give a special mention to a few stalls that stood out on the day. Hippenings, the brain child of the fabulous Laura Cunningham is a newly founded business that is bound for long term success. A website full of party goods that would make your worst enemy jealous of your event it is a must to check out for all brides to be, and party people in general! Chupi, another Irish success story fronted by Chupi Sweetman, their delicate and wild jewellery is simply irresistible. Perfect pieces for the ethereal bride, or the bridal party, a brand I have a keen eye on. Last but not least, Flowers by Mee really was a stand out on the day. Her personality was woven through her flower crown right into her gorgeous display, I could have spent all day at her stall. Simply stunning.

The day was well run and upon departure you received a goody bag full of exclusive discounts and information. I highly recommend you keep your eyes on One Fab Day for any upcoming events and attend, you will not regret it.

The Ribbon Room

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