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Natural, simple and effective skincare that is also affordable?  Yes please!

Ziaja Skincare has been on my radar for some time now, sporting affordable price tags while maintaining a natural and simple ethos, it was right up my street. So when Ziaja got in touch I was more than happy to give their new Olive Leaf Face and Body Collection* a go!

So a small background on Ziaja, ye all know I love to creep on businesses and get a feel for their origins before reviewing. This brand was established in Poland by two Polish pharmacists whom wanted to provide natural skincare products. Fast forward 25 years and Ziaja is now a leader of the skincare industry in Eastern Europe. The brand is growing in Ireland and I have spotted a range of products spread out over multiple pharmacies in Dublin. This brand just make me smile, they are honest and provide simplistic products (Especially in terms of packaging, which I love).

Back to the Olive Leaf range, I was unsure how much I was going to enjoy these products.  Despite weeks of eyeing them up, the lack of knowledge my peers had on the range teamed with the low prices left me concerned especially since they preach naturalness (Which is connected to sky high prices) I was open minded however and dove in excitedly!

Olive Leaf Regenerating Mask with Hyaluronic Acid*

Olive Leaf Regenerating Mask with Hyaluronic Acid
I have found the one, I am in love with this product! It is packaged in single use servings so I am holding off repurchasing this until I am ordering more products, but I can’t wait to use this again. I have been using face masks since I was a young teenager, and I have tried them all from homemade to Dermalogica. They are a super treat 1- 2 times per weeks but they can be expensive, so when I seen Ziaja’s masks falling in at 0.69c… as in less than €1 I was on high alert!

Swatch of Mask
Masking Selfie
I tore the package open with extreme caution and when the most sumptuous smell hit me I knew I was going to love this range.  I am not good as discerning smells, but this was just a lovely light sweet smell! I have very sensitive skin that is highly prone to acne breakouts and every other blemish imaginable so when I use a new product I have to be super cautious as to how my skin feels. After applying the mask and taking the obligatory embarrassing masking selfie I felt nothing to cause concern. I bathed in this beauty for 15 minutes and washed off with warm water. My face was soft and smelled lovely, I ran out and asked Adam to ‘Smell my face’. Oh the things we bloggers do! I was delighted with the product. I like to bring any new products over to my Nanny’s every weekend to test them out on her also, unfortunately I cannot do that with this as it is one use but it is a great excuse to buy more.

P.S. Over time this mask claims to tighten, rejuvenate and brighten so lots of pluses to using this beauty! Buy yours here.

Olive Leaf Gel Scrub Micro-Exfoliant*

Olive Leaf Gel Scrub Micro-Exfoliant
Swatch of Scrub
I do not know about you but I love a good exfoliation! A lot of products on offer at the minute are just not exfoliating enough for my liking. Ziaja have just swept me off my feet however with this rough and ready gel scrubber. Keeping in line with their face mask this smells lovely also! After Avon left Ireland I gave up hope on finding a good exfoliator that I could afford… until now! (Far too much love for Ziaja right now)

The particles in this gel are ample, you do not need to use much product to get a great effect. The exfoliating particles are very fine and get a good scrub on your skin without it being a painful experience. It is recommended to use this 1-2 times per weeks but I use it every 2 days due to my excessive oil and blocked pores. A magical property from the Olive leaf (Oleuropein) is a natural antioxidant and keeps your skin moisturised while you are exfoliating which is very important. I love this product and due to the fact it is very understated in its packaging and smells nice so I can let my other half use it also (He won’t touch anything that smells strong or looks girly)
At only €5.99 this is a total steal! You can buy you’re here.

Olive Leaf Nourishing Face Cream SPF 20*

Olive Leaf Nourishing Face Cream SPF 20
As you may know by now I am not a moisturiser person (My fault for not saying it to Ziaja) This moisturiser is very concentrated so you only need to use a small amount especially if you have oily skin! Due to this you will get a long life out of one tube which is fantastic. Like the other two products this smelled lovely and not overpowering or cheap, which means I was able to force the other half to put it on his dry skin. It was very effective on him and I am trying to encourage him to use more products (I am failing horribly) and it is nice to know that I have a product I can use on both men and women.

Cream Swatch
Swatch Rubbed In
The moisturiser boasts a 20 SPF which is super important. A lovely blogger commented on here a while ago making the point that the most important anti-wrinkle activity is using sun screen or SPF heavy products to protect your skin from sun damage. So big thumbs up Ziaja! I have been using this product at night as a night cream only because my skin is anything but dry, however this is light enough to be used as a day cream. It is a lovely addition to any skincare routine.

This product comes in at €5.99 also, which is super! Buy yours here.


Ziaja can add me to their list of fans in Ireland! I am so impressed with the quality and effectiveness of these products, most importantly they are affordable. I am trying to re tune my purchases to fit any economic status but I also want to find amazing products. If you are on the same mission this company is for you. You can check out their full range here.

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  1. I'm a huge fan after trying out the Olive Leaf collection and the mask is just awesome! x

    1. Oh yes Lilli! The mask was the stand out product :) x

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