100 Happy Days, Part 2!

"Life is not about finding yourself, it is about creating yourself" - George Bernard Shaw
And on the 50th day she gave herself a pat on the back!
I have reached the half way mark on my 100 Happy Days Challenge! Can you believe it, 50 days!

The past 25 days have been an emotional rollercoaster to say the least. The first several months of each year is the hardest for me in terms of my anxiety. As much as I expected it, when it did hit me it really hit me hard for about 2 weeks (As much as I hate to admit it) I missed far too much college and slacked on my blogging, but luckily enough I prevented a total meltdown. Yay me! I feel ten times better this past week and I am back catching up on work and otherwise. It was painful to keep posting my 100 Happy Day snaps while in a big hole of depression but I kept on at it and I do believe it aided the spring back time!

Despite the mini downhill hurdle it has been a lovely 25 days! I had a lovely Valentine’s Day, took too many lunches with my friends and I made more of an effort to get out. Hey, life is full of ups and downs. Keeping moving forward is most important.

So here is my past 25 days, enjoy!

Day 26

Harry Potter came to dinner, was not impressed! God bless this man for putting up with me!

Day 27

Don't tell anyone but I used to be a Twihard! Robert Pattinson was my bae and I still have my signed poster over my bed.

Day 28

Hello Elle! Managed to get my hand on a copy, pure happiness.


Day 29

De-Gremlin-ified! Happy I actually emerged from my hole today.

Day 30

A gorgeous day in Dublin!

Day 31

I may have spoiled myself yesterday! I am still extremely happy about it today hehe!

Day 32

Kale chips are delicious! So simple, I have found my new favourite nibbles.

Day 33

My kind of Valentines gift! Anybody love me?

Day 34

Anyone for Banoffee Pie? I mean fruit and nuts! The cake is a lie.

Day 35

Listen to the sheep! They say relax... I am doing as I am told :)

Day 36

Cut my hair! Always eases the ol' anxiety which is on a little road trip at the minute.

Day 37

Casie being a terrible influence today and teasing us in Lush! How amazing are their displays?!

Day 38

The most gorgeous selection of #SS15 products from Gosh Cosmetics, Saphir Perfumes and iClothing.ie today! It is going to be a colourful season, that is for sure :)

Day 39

King is the cutest! He is so innocent looking.

Day 40

How lovely do these Ziaja products look! Thank you Ziaja really looking forward to trying these, brightened my day.

Day 41

Wishing everyone the happiest of Valentines! From my nails to yours.

Day 42

Spending Sunday my favourite way!

Day 43

Makeup brushes washed for the week! God bless baby shampoo and yes I only own 5 brushes!

Day 44

This gave me some serious giggles.


Day 45

The docks are so pretty! Feeling negative a lot lately but a stroll around Dublin is great for clearing the mind!

Day 46

Cesar salad and goats cheese is for brunch! Some serious comfort eating going on. The big shelving unit that covers one of our bedroom walls collapsed along with the TV, cosmetics, books and DVDs. A disaster! So needed something to be happy for today.

Day 47

A reading I gave myself a couple of days ago, I need to relax and be more mindful! Every 3 months I read my cards just for the fun and it is always interesting...

Day 48

Sisters day out with Aoife in the Gallery Bistro Athlone! Was delicious!

Day 49

We did a naughty thing yesterday! Popped into our favourite bakery. Deliciously sinful.


Day 50

Treating myself to some ChillyMoo! Guiltless fattening out with Fro’Yo.

With another 25 days over I cannot believe how quickly the time is flying by! You can follow my journey on Instagram and you can read Part 1 here also.

Let me know if you have joined in yet and if you haven’t what you have been up to for the past 25 days!

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  1. your pictures are really beautiful!

    1. Thank for the compliment, really glad you like them :) x

      Bebhinn + A Judge Less Life

  2. Ah glad to hear that the pics challenge helped you. I wrote my happy list last night ready to go up today and it made me smile remembering the good memories -these things do help!
    P.s. Fro-yo - you're definitely on my wavelength! xx

    1. Positivity so contagious! Thank you for reading lovely :) Yes, HI5 to Fro'Yo x

      Bebhinn + A Judge Less Life

  3. I'm sorry to hear your anxiety flared up at the beginning of the year, but happy to know you worked through it - good for you! :) The Valentine's nails are super cute and I'm amazed you can cut your own hair, my hair is so long I would never dare haha!

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice


    1. Thank you Gabrielle :) Oh yes, D.I.Y. all the way hehe! x

      Bebhinn + A Judge Less Life



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